Twilight Peak

The Quest for Wizzy’s Phylactery - Part 2

(Written by the Questmaster, Sir Nathanial - reprinted from the Northern Empire forums.)

The second part in the quest series for Wizzy’s Phylactery took part in Twilight Peak today, at Twilight Peak’s midreign.

Before starting going over what happened today, I’d like to thank my three great NPCs, Bear and Maus for being my monsters and traps and Raiyta helping me setup rooms as I had the PCs busy in another area.  Also I’d like to thank Reigh for helping me with the introduction and Aylanda for helping me setup the questing area before everything began.

This quest was a timed quest which was to be scale-able based on PC group sizes.  Each PC had three options as motives to quest:  To get the phylactery to destroy it, to get the phylactery to hand it back to Wizzy or to get the phylactery for their own purpose.

No one quested for the phylactery for themselves.  The groups ended up being 4 PCs (later joined for the final fight by another) questing to destroy the item and 2 PCs questing to recover it for Wizzy, including Wizzy himself.

The first chamber involved a corridor with quick running water.  Luckily, rocks could be seen on the surface.  An aura of anti magic was set on the area.  The good PCs decided to take a cautious approach and hoped across the rocks.   Karden tested out one path and finding it to be safe, and the others fallowed suit, crossing in 1:32 (minute : seconds).  The pirates had a different strategy.  Wizzy quickly backed out of the area and can’t dispel magic on the anti magic zone.  He then shoved his barbarian ally across (who had started jumping) and used a combination of a shove and some jumping to get himself across in 0:27.

The second chamber was a room filled with shallow water, rendering the PCs to a crawl.  Four water elementals took their turns appearing one at a time against each group.  The good PCs had no magic on their side, but that didn’t stop them from defeated the beasts in 5:16.  The pirates used Wizzy’s magic and the barbarian’s furry to dispose of the creatures in 5:11.

The third chamber was a corridor with a trap boulder that would be setoff and roll into a pit that had to be avoided.  The good PCs were cautious with this area and made it safely across in 0:49.  The pirates avoided the boulder and moved with speed, crossing in 0:17.

The fourth chamber was a room filled with skeletal bones.  At the centre, a glowing board with a 4x4 area was illuminated.  Tiles were scattered across the area, intertwined with the bones.  Skeletons rose up and fought the PCs as they tried to put the puzzle together.  Aylanda managed to put the puzzle together in 2:55, while being covered by Karden, Skribble and Wriel.  Wizzy put the puzzle together in 5:05, as the lich-barbarian pair had more trouble with the spawning undead, even though Wizzy was using some shoves and his circle of protection to plan out moves and keep foes at bay.

The fifth chamber was a corridor with a spinning blade trap and a fireball launching trap.  At the end of the corridor, was a door with a riddle on it.  Aylanda of the good PCs solved the riddle in 1:17, while Wizzy’s barbarian friend solved the riddle in 1:40.

Both groups then got to enter the final room in the dungeon.  Since the good PCs had a total time of 11:49 and the pirates had a time of 12:40, the good PCs got to enter the final room 51 seconds early.  However, much to their disappoint, what awaited inside was a large undead slime creature that was powered by Wizzy’s phylactery.  The slime used a deathcloud, slaying all but Karden.  It then quickly made short work of the monk, and then consumed a corpse to regenerate all its wounds.

The pirates entered the room to see all the carnage before them.  Once the other PCs had recovered, Wizzy tried to make some deals with them.  After a very long battle with many grievous wounds, and the slime healing itself by consuming corpses many times, the party finally managed to defeat it.  Wizzy reached inside to pull out his phylactery.

Karden had been in sanctuary and then he struck out, attacking the pirates and grabbing the phylactery for his own.  Dracious, who made it into the cave for the final battle, reacted by attacking Karden, taking the phylactery for himself.  It was exchanged between himself and Wizzy, before finally having the phylactery accidentally hit by a sphere of annihilation, destroying it.

Now what actually happened at the end of the quest was a lot of confusion, because I didn’t have the foresight to create an actual item for the phylactery.  Once I saw a final fight for the item was going to take place, I no longer wanted it to be an imaginary item.  With the final 3 PCs in the area who seemed interested in fighting for it, I yelled use this as the phylactery and tossed Drew a dagger.  While Roger was within earshot, he was concentrating on the situation and never heard what I said.  He eventually Sphered the dagger, though he thought it was an actual dagger the whole time.

However, before this even happened, Dracious tried to destroy the phylactery with his warrior improved weapon, but I decided that it was not strong enough to do so.  I’m not sure what sort of defensive power this item was supposed to have, but I randomly decided it should have been magic.  If I wrong, then the way things played out were similar to what should have happened.  If I was correct, then would should have happened was that Wizzy would have gotten his phylactery back, as the last two players were under the effects of Hold Person and had the rest of their gear get hit by the Sphere.

The quest was very fun to run and well detailed.  The only time I ran into trouble as the questmaster was the post quest battle because things happened that neither I nor the questwritter had anticipated and I had to randomly decide how to handle things.  Something I’ve personally learned is not to make a combat item represent a non-combat item.

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